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The Brass Poppy Vase features a simple, minimalistic body in polished brass that is brought to life with a gorgeous poppy flower enveloping the piece. The flower, finished in bronze, beautifully juxtaposes the golden hue of the body and greatly informs the look and feel of a space. A gorgeous accent on its own, this vase can be placed alongside its nickel variant to create an alluring custom arrangement.

12″H X 6.25″W X 5.5″D

Disclaimer: Cast or formed aluminum, brass or stainless-steel vessels, plate, trays etc. are not waterproof nor are they food safe. They are created as decorative objects to be enjoyed for their beauty.
Product Information: Items made of solid brass may tarnish over time. Many people appreciate this natural patina taken on by the metal. If the item becomes unevenly patinated and you wish to bring it back to its original look, you may use commercially available brass cleaners
Product Weight: 2.5
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Sub-Category: Vase


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