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A gorgeous artistic statement, the Circuit Vase contributes an undeniable sense of motion to an interior décor. A delicately crafted ceramic body loops in on itself, showcasing intelligent use of negative space at the center of the piece. The exterior in a matte white finish beautifully juxtaposes the gold leaf finish of the interior, resulting in an opulent color scheme that will establish an opulent atmosphere within a space.

35″H X 18″W X 8″D

Disclaimer: John-Richard ceramic and/or porcelain vases and jars are made for decorative purposes only and are not intended to hold water or other liquids. Vases should not be used for flower arrangements using water or seepage may occur which can damage delicate furniture.
Product Information: The glazing of ceramic & porcelain is an ancient process that is sensitive to the slightest variations in materials, application or even atmospheric conditions. The result is that variations in pattern and color will occur, and no two pieces will be ident
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