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The regal profile of the Cleopatra vase has been expertly crafted from glass with a seductive matte grey color. Showcasing gorgeous curvature, the vase is adorned with a beautiful brass necklace with a teal labradorite stone embellishment in the center. This stunning accent elevates the piece to have a large impact on the look and feel of an interior space, while still remaining suitable for a wide variety of design styles.

15.5″H X 14.5″W X 14.5″D

Disclaimer: Mouth Blown Art Glass The hand-made nature of mouth blown glass may result in variations in shape, size, and color. Each piece is essentially free formed by a skilled artisan who gathers the molten glass on the blow pipe and then skillfully blows, forms, reheats, adds glass and sometimes other materials to create the finished article.
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